Scenes from the Weekend 08.24.15

Between moving in and Orientation Leader training, it’s been a busy few days since I arrived on campus last week.  Today marks the first day of classes, but I did make sure to take advantage of the glorious weather by squeezing in a couple of fun adventures in the free time that I had! 


Saturday morning, Aliya and I walked all the way down to the Ithaca Farmer’s Market to enjoy some food by the water.  We totally underestimated how far it was from campus and ended up walking more than 5 miles round-trip.  How typical of us!  


If it’s not getting lost with directions, it’s realizing that we didn’t account for the time it would take for us to walk that far.  Ahhh well…at least we enjoyed each other’s company and had some great conversation!  Needless to say, we got all caught up with each other’s stories from the summer.


When we arrived, we were greeted by the sounds of children running around, the beauty of all the fresh flowers and produce, and the delightful aromas of homemade pastries.  There’s something about being around families and food and nature that makes me so happy.  In my opinion, that’s a perfect way to start off your weekend.  



You know how you can sometimes gauge the popularity of a certain food stand by the length of its line?  Well this so happened to be the scene when we stumbled upon a new-to-me stand that sold wood-fired pizza from their very own wood-burning oven.  


The oven was MASSIVE and it wasn’t like anything I’ve seen before.  I was very impressed by not only the efficiency with which they took orders, but also the quality of the pizzas that they produced.  Their Tomato & Mozzarella proved quite popular amongst its patrons, and their Garlic & Pesto sounded like an intriguing combo that I might just have to try next time! 


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I was sad to see that my favorite booth (Ithaca Hummus) wasn’t there that day, but I’m hoping that it’ll make an appearance on my next visit.  With Fall right around the corner, I can’t wait to go during apple season and see what unique dishes the vendors come up with.  


Later that evening, I had another date with Poornima and Kiran as we caught up over dinner at Aladdin’s- a mediterranean style restaurant.  Although the food could’ve been better, I most definitely enjoyed the company of two of my best friends.  We laughed A LOT and even started up our shenanigans again when we tried to creep up behind Aliya, who was getting food with her friend, and scare her.  Good times… 


Continuing with the foodie adventures, Kirstin and I ventured down to the Commons (this time by bus) to try out the Matè Factor Cafe.  From the outside, it looks like an unassuming shop that just sells your typical coffee and pastries, but when you step inside…WOW!!!  


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With tree stumps as seats and tree branches lining the doorways, it literally looked like a scene from a fairytale.  It felt cozy and quaint and quickly captured my heart as it made its way to the top of my list of favorites in Ithaca.  




Their menu was just as unique as their aesthetic, with items ranging from their signature Matè Latte to Spirulina Banana Green smoothies to a breakfast Spinwich creation.   


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I do enjoy a cup of coffee here and there, but I’m more of a tea connoisseur, so I was thoroughly delighted to see that they offered chai on their menu- and a homemade blend to boot!   It was nice and spicy, just how I like it, and topped off with homemade almond milk, it was a winner!  


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Hummus and I go together like PB&J, so when I saw that they offered a Hummus wrap complete with their homemade roasted garlic hummus, mixed greens, and sprouts, of course I had to order it!  Homemade everything is the way to go.  


And in true Michelle fashion, I doused my wrap in hot sauce.  


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Their food impressed me just as much as their decor, and I just can’t wait to come back that I’ve already started planning what I’m ordering.    


To finish off the weekend, I attended my first Barre class!  With so many studios popping up and so many of my Instagram friends professing their love for this fitness class, I decided to try it out!  I love a good sweat, and my first class did not disappoint.  I’m amazed by how much burn my muscles can experience from such tiny, repetitive movements.  Now that I know what this hype is all about, I’m hooked!


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Good food, great conversations, and even better company made for a fantastic first weekend back on campus!  Now, it’s time to head off to my first class.  Junior year, let’s do this!

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  1. What a wonderful and happy beginning of the Junior year !
    With best wishes for your continued happy and healthy journey at Ithaca !
    Your super fans

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