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Happy Monday morning to all- hope you’re enjoying the long weekend!  The weather’s been glorious so far, so I’m hoping to take advantage of that today to explore the great outdoors.  Today’s Scenes from the Weekend is a bit unconventional, I guess you could say, but read on and you’ll find out why!


I’m sure every child went through the phase where all she wanted to be was an “adult.”  How glorious would life be where there were no rules, no limitations, no bedtimes.  


On the cusp of my departure from the teenage years, I’ve come to the stark realization that adulthood isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be.  It’s not chocolate cake for breakfast, lunch and dinner (although I suppose that’s perfectly acceptable on your birthday), sleeping in until the sun starts to set, or hours upon hours of free time to do whatever your heart desires.  


It’s more like staying on hold with the insurance company trying to dispute your bill or learning that there are concepts called “budget” that you actually have to stick to or figuring out what to do when you lose your luggage on your first solo trans-Atlantic trip (another story for another day…).  


Of course, when we’re younger, we idealize adulthood to be a magical reality.  However, we don’t realize that adulthood comes with caveats too.  Perhaps because adults tend to gloss over topics such as bills, rush hour traffic, and hour long meetings when talking to kids, we become disillusioned by the grandeur of it all.  


I only bring this up because this weekend made me regret those days where I wished my childhood days away for what seemed like a life with more intrigue, more excitement, and more independence.  As we all know, with more freedom comes with many more responsibilities.  Instead of spending the long weekend outside, taking advantage of the last few days of summer, my days were entirely consumed with talks of housing, leases, and apartment searching.  


How I wish I could just have someone make these decisions for me and not have to spend hours upon hours preoccupied with lease terms, figuring out how to prorate or ensuring we have a solid Plan B in case Plan A doesn’t work out.  On the surface and from the way it’s portrayed in TV shows and movies, adulthood sure seems like a blast, but then when it comes to the nitty-gritty, behind-the-scenes part of it, only then do you realize that childhood should not have been taken for granted.


This weekend has also made me realize the utter importance of really living “in the moment.”  If all you do in the present is envision how your “perfect” future would be, I’m sorry to say, but you will be disappointed in more than one way.  First, you’ll have set such high expectations for what you want to happen that when a sudden road block comes in your way, it throws you off and causes you undue stress.  Second, when you look back at your past, you won’t have much to remember it by because you were so preoccupied with what to do next.  


When we live life that way, by wishing for the future while still living in the present, it’s easy to miss out on important milestones or even just the tiniest of things, like a friend’s birthday or an anniversary.  To me, life is all about making memories, spreading kindness, and being happy, so why not embrace the present and live life to the fullest?  

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  1. Enjoy reading the article. Yes, everyone is learning in the colorful and challenge life, so let’s enjoy this moment with pleasure, value the time with our family and cherish the friendship. Be happy and live life to fullest.

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