Why Wait?

This weekend turned out to be quite the profound one.  It all started Friday evening with Brandon Stanton’s (aka the incredible storyteller/creative mastermind/photographic genius behind HONY) utterly inspirational presentation.  I had no idea what to expect at this talk, but it ended up being one of the most pivotal talks of my college career so far.  


All of the experiences he spoke about were so relevant and seemed so relatable.  I find it quite incredible how his words provided such reassurance and clarity about so much of the uncertainty that I had regarding my future.  As an undergrad, especially, there’s so much pressure on you to pick a profession, commit to a career and finalize all of your plans for the future that life can start to feel overwhelming at a certain point.    


He spoke largely about his journey from unemployment to seemingly overnight fame, but the overarching theme of his talk rested upon the idea that if you so fervently pursue what it is that you are passionate about, you will experience the same sense of accomplishment and pride he felt.  


Whether you have the most brilliant plan that you meticulously crafted over several years or you just have the slightest inclination to expand upon that dream that’s been calling your name, there really is no better time than now to pursue it.  


The longer you wait for that “perfect” moment to come around, the greater the chances are that you will miss it.  Instead, put aside all of your doubts and worries and take that first step, whatever it may be.  


This first step is the hardest obstacle to overcome largely because we fear uncertainty, and it’s most often the reason people favor the predictability of day-to-day life over diving head-first into the unknown.  Even if you don’t have every step of the way all planned out, trust that everything will fall into place.  


For someone like me who is a planner and likes to know exactly what exactly I’m getting myself into, it was a difficult concept to wrap my head around, but the more I thought about it and processed it, the more I realized how true those words were.  It’s one thing to conceptualize your ultimate end goal/where you want your dreams to take you, but the real test comes to having the strength and courage to actively go out and pursue those aspirations.  More than anything, I think we owe it to ourselves.  


While it’s much easier to come up with reasons to dissuade yourself, imagine how much better, brighter, and happier your life could be by just taking that first leap.  All of us, we only get one life to live, and you certainly don’t want to spend the latter part of that life regretting putting off your dreams until the time felt “right.”  


The wonder of a dream finds solace within the confines of your mind, but you have the special power to set it free and turn it into reality.  Why wait?