Happiness Is…

With the new school year underway, I figured it’d be a great time to do Round 2 of my “Happiness Is” series.  I realized I haven’t posted in a while, so I compiled a list of things that have made life a little brighter and this semester a little more bearable over these past few weeks.  


It’s definitely interesting to see how these events compared to the ones I listed from when I was home over the summer.  Now, I find that even the simplest of things, such as sitting down to an actual meal with all of my friends (something that I easily took for granted over the summer when family dinners just happened without saying every night) can be the highlight of my days.   


  • I have to start out with this one because it’s currently the one thing that I am SUPER excited about…getting accepted into Public Health study abroad program for Spring 2016 in Geneva!!!!  How could one not be excited about this?  I mean it’s Geneva!!!! That’s like the land of royalty, stunning architecture and some of the most scenic landscapes on this Earth.  Also, I may or may not have applied to this program only because of the Princess Diaries films…ok, moving on 🙂


  • Enjoying breakfast outside, with a view.  Mornings are my favorite part of the day, and I find that taking the time to actually enjoy your breakfast sets you up for success later on in the day.  Since I was up early on Sunday, I figured that it would be a welcoming treat (and change of scenery, for that matter), to take my breakfast outside under the rays of the autumn sun.  



  • Climbing up the 161 steps to the top of our school’s Clock Tower.  This has been on my “Cornell Bucket List” ever since Freshman year, and my friends and I finally crossed it off a few weeks ago…I mean it only took us 2 years, hahaha 🙂  


We couldn’t have chosen a better day to go- the sun was shining and out in full force, and as a result, we were rewarded with glorious views of campus and the surrounding nature-scape. 


With the hectic nature of our day-to-day schedules, always running from one place to the next, I think it’s easy to overlook the beauty of campus, but this little excursion reminded me to dedicate some time each day on my walk to class to appreciate the scenic wonders.


  • Scoring advanced screening tickets for The Visit.  This was a few weeks ago, and since I am a HUGE fan of scary movies, I was all in when Aliya suggested to us that we go see it.  Taking advantage of college student perks right there 😉  


  • Attending Brandon Stanton’s talk.  If you’re interested in what I thought about it, you can read my recap over here!  Brandon’s usually the one behind the camera, asking the questions and uncovering people’s most personal stories, but this time he was the one revealing his story for all of us to hear. 


  • Babysitting!  There’s just something about being around kids that instantly makes you feel so much happier.  Maybe it’s their care-free attitude that rubs off on you or the fact that you can’t get over their pure adorable-ness, but whatever it is, playing with and being around kids is a very welcoming change of pace from being around your peers and adults all the time.  


  • Saturday brunch with friends.  Food + friends?  It doesn’t get much better than that.  Since it was the weekend, I had the luxury to put together something a little fancier than my typical bowl of oats and this beautiful (and delicious) creation of whole wheat toast topped with homemade roasted peanut butter, bananas, strawberries and a sprinkling of granola was the end result!


I hope you enjoyed this fun recap, and I’ll be back soon! 🙂