2016 \\ A New Year



A New Year


A new chapter in each of our stories- one filled with infinite possibilities and endless opportunities.


It represents a clean slate for all of your dreams, goals, and aspirations.


It represents forgiveness—to yourself, to others, to friends, and to family. You learn to leave behind the past to make room for all that’s to come in the bright, magical, wondrous future. To those whom you have lost touch with, those whom used to occupy such a big place in your heart, to those whom you used to call your best friend but have merely become shadows in your life, it will be OK. Tell yourself that it will be OK…because in the end, everything turns out to be alright.


People come into and out of our lives all the time, but those who reciprocate what you put into the relationship and sometimes go above and beyond—those are the ones who are meant to be your forever people.


It represents a time for reflection in all that’s happened in the past year and to make meaning of it. Because to move forward and pursue what we are destined for requires that we commit wholeheartedly to this effort without our past interfering or holding us back.


It represents 365 days for you to fill in the blank pages—to write your own story. Three hundred sixty-five. That dream that’s been playing in your head for years but you’re too afraid to drop your career, relocate, and go back to school for? Go ahead, pursue it. Take advantage of the time you have now, because even good health cannot guarantee you a “tomorrow.”


Don’t live life in a world of “what if’s?” It will only lead you down a long road of regrets…


Live a life, instead, that excites you. Challenges you. Inspires you. Surprises you.


Our time is limited, and one year/365 days/52 weeks out of our entire life span may not seem like much, but when you live life wholeheartedly, with sincere gratitude and honorable intentions, the memories, experiences, and relationships you cultivate in that one year will surely add much more than time to your life.


For me, 2015 was a year of introspection, a year of gratitude, and a year of reflection. I focused on prioritizing my own health, and in return, I was rewarded with a greater sense of mindfulness, gratitude, and happiness. I challenged myself by embarking on a solo European adventure that was as frightening as it was thrilling. I met so many wonderful souls whom I am so eternally grateful for.


I still don’t have every minute detail of my life and my career figured out, which is why the prospect of 2016 is so beautiful and magical.


In 2016, I fully intend to live a life full of—



New perspectives, new cultures, new cuisines- those are just a few of my favorite reasons to travel and to see the world.



I want to be more grateful for what it is that I already have, to stop taking things for granted.


being present (for the lack of a better term)…

To stop living in the past, to start living in the present, in every moment, in each second of every day.


May your 2016 be bright, magical, and filled with all of the people, places, and dreams that make you happiest <3