Week One Reflections

Has it already been ONE week since our arrivals in Geneva??  It is such a bizarre phenomenon to wrap my head around, as some days it feels as if we’ve been here for a quick minute and others, three months.  There’s still so much to learn, to do, to see, to explore, and to eat in Geneva, but these past seven days have been incredible so far.  If the weeks ahead hold as much adventure, thrill, and fun as this initial week has, then this semester is going to be one heck of a semester to remember.


Life in Geneva, so far, looks like this:


  • grocery shopping in France- yup, you heard that right!  Just 20-30 minutes on the 12 tram and a few minutes of walking will get you to France where groceries are just as fresh but much more affordable.  It still boggles me whenever I mention that to my parents or friends back home because it’s not like France is a town in Geneva- it’s a whole other country!


  • spending at least half an hour in said grocery store roaming up and down the chocolate aisle pondering which chocolate bar to purchase next.  Chocolate is a serious concern for us here in Geneva.  I cannot go a single day without eating some form of chocolate, and if I do, well I simply never let that happen 😉  There’s just so many options to choose from.  Milk/dark/white chocolate? Ooooo!!! Should I get the hazelnut one that tastes like Nutella or the orange ginger one?  Orrrr what about that cappuccino bar?  Wait?!  They have a creme brulee flavored chocolate??  Yea…struggles of a #chocoholic


  • wandering aimlessly along the bank of Lake Geneva in the morning before class and stumbling upon a beach with the most majestic view of the Alps.  Also, capturing quiet, serene moments like the one above.  Seeing the family with their small child thoroughly enjoying nature brings me so much happiness.  


  • enjoying the most delicious meal of my life so far.  I will post a recap about the Welcome Dinner that we had on Saturday really soon, but man oh man was this meal to die for!  


  • chatting the night away with new friends in the kitchen.  An hour turns into two, which turns into three, and then we just lose track of time.    


  • learning to make time for spontaneity.  Studying abroad is different.  While you are enrolled in classes and you have responsibilities such as exams to study for and homework to do, the pressure just isn’t like that we face at school.  With all of the extra time on our hands, that leaves us with plenty of opportunity to explore the neighborhood and Geneva at our leisure.  These days, instead of packing my schedule to the max, I’m leaving my free time as just that- “free” time.  No work, no stress, no worries- just taking advantage of this incredible opportunity to wander through the streets of Old Town searching for the best patisserie, riding the tram with no destination in mind only to get off at a stop and explore, and making an effort to enjoy every second of my study abroad because I know that it will be over in the blink of an eye.