Happiness Is… { Boston Edition }

 A few weekends ago, the 4th of July to be exact, I took advantage of the two extra days off we got from work and hopped on a bus to visit some of my best friends from study abroad in Boston. After spending five way-too-short months in Europe together, the separation anxiety was starting to kick in. We were planning to reunite in the States for a while now, and Boston was the most logical choice since they all live there. 


While this was no Geneva, Boston was quite charming and served as the perfect locale for our foodie adventures. This wasn’t as much of a sightseeing vacation as it was a slow-paced getaway centered around hanging out with friends and eating our way through Boston. From the best lobster ravioli in the North End’s Trattoria Il Panino to a delectable brunch at Cafe Luna to lobster rolls at the Barking Crab, you better believe that we tried to cram in as much food as possible in the 3 1/2 days I was there. 


What I loved about this weekend, more than all of the great food that was enjoyed, was the time that I got to spend with my incredible friends. I am so grateful for their friendship and their authentic, genuine, and refreshing personalities. The ability of friendships to transpire across distance and time and to bring people together is something that has always amazed me. Even though our friendships started in Geneva and saw us through our Spring Break travels in Spain, I have no doubt that many worldly adventures (which will most definitely involve food) await us in the future <3



The beach was a most welcome change of scenery from the hustle and bustle of NYC during peak commute hours. Not that I don’t love the city, but sometimes you need to escape it for a few days and trade it in for some laid-back vibes on the shore. Kstef’s mom packed us leftovers from their BBQ the night before, and we were spoiled with all of the homemade goodness.  


The BEST lobster ravioli at Trattoria Il Panino in the North End enjoyed with great company and great conversations. Everything about this dish was superb, and it left me wanting more, which is always a good sign. 


After visiting Anna at Tatte (the absolute chicest cafe in town), we enjoyed breakfast for dinner. Whenever I see shakshuka on the menu, you don’t have to ask me twice what I’m ordering.


 Boston takes patriotism to a whole new level when it comes to celebrating the 4th. The sheer number of festivities, events, and outdoor concerts taking place all weekend long was a little overwhelming at times, but I really enjoyed this evening in particular. After scoring prime seats along the Boston Harbor and catching the beautiful water-colored sunset, we were treated to a wonderful display of fireworks that just lit up the entire night sky. 



As we wandered through the South End on our way to SoWa, we stumbled upon this community garden that was brimming with fresh zucchini, spinach and raspberries. Other than restaurant reservations (if you couldn’t tell, we really love food), much of our weekend was unstructured and unplanned, which allowed us to embrace life’s spontaneity and experience unexpected moments like this. I find that flexibility is such an important quality to have while you’re traveling because you end up seeing so much more than you anticipated, and it also makes you more mindful of the experiences you do encounter.



You can’t possibly go to Boston without eating a lobster roll (or two…). 


We happened upon The Buttery by chance, and it turned out to be quite the hidden gem. Everything in their display case looked appealing, but we ended up splitting the lemon blueberry scone which was still warm and not-too-sweet, just how I like it. 


After spending the evening listening to the Boston Pops along the Esplanade, we made our way to J.P Licks for “the best ice cream in Boston,” according to Anna. They offered more than 20 flavors, all of them which sounding appealing, so that didn’t help much with my indecisiveness. I think I spent a good 5 minutes debating which flavor to get, but I ultimately went with this ultra-fudgy Chocolate Mocha flavor.

The perfect sweet treat to end an incredibly splendid weekend.