A New Journey

As summer winds down and my incredible NYC internship comes to an end, I find myself embarking on a new journey of sorts. One that’s sure to be filled with its own challenges and stresses, but also extremely rewarding in its own right. That journey I’m referring to is senior year. It seemed so far away when I was moving into my freshman dorm, but here I find myself with 8 months left.


8 months to enjoy the beauty around campus. 8 months to watch the sunsets on Libe Slope. 8 months to walk past waterfalls on my way to class. 8 months to get Sunday brunch at Carriage House. 8 valuable months to spend with all of my friends, old and new, before our careers take us all over the globe. 8 months (definitely less…) to figure out what it is I want to do post-graduation. 


In all honesty, I’m still uncertain about where my career will take me after college, maybe just as uncertain as the first day I stepped on campus. But hey, that’s what these next 8 months are for, right? You know what though, one thing that is for certain is that not knowing doesn’t frighten me as much anymore. 


Why? Because it’s the beauty of the journey that makes life so incredible, not necessarily the destination itself. Being open to anything that comes your way and any opportunity that arises is the probably one of the best attitudes to have in this situation because your opportune moment will come when you least expect it. Stop worrying and start living and you’ll soon realize there’s so much more out there. 


Here’s to the next 8 months of incredible memories, friendships, dreaming, achieving, and living. Even not knowing, because that’s ok too.