Week One Reflections

Has it already been ONE week since our arrivals in Geneva??  It is such a bizarre phenomenon to wrap my head around, as some days it feels as if we’ve been here for a quick minute and others, three months.  There’s still so much to learn, to do, to see, to explore, and to eat in […]

Snowy City Adventures

I witnessed my first snowfall in Geneva this morning and it was so beautiful <333 Everything was covered in a light blanket of white fluffiness and it infused such a magical aura into the air.  I finally got to experience the winter that I never saw back home in New York!  As we were walking […]

Exploring Geneva

Hello! Greetings from Geneva!    I’m happy to report that we all arrived safely 🙂 The day our flight was scheduled to leave for Geneva turned out to be quite foggy/misty, so I was a bit worried that it would be delayed for a couple of hours.  Luckily, we didn’t encounter any problems on our […]


Today marks the beginning of my 5 month study abroad journey in Geneva, Switzerland.  What the semester holds, I am not quite sure yet, but I hope it will be one filled with adventure, spontaneity, delicious food, and new friends.     I can’t quite pinpoint my emotions right now because they’re a mix of things, but […]

2016 \\ A New Year

2016   A New Year   A new chapter in each of our stories- one filled with infinite possibilities and endless opportunities.   It represents a clean slate for all of your dreams, goals, and aspirations.   It represents forgiveness—to yourself, to others, to friends, and to family. You learn to leave behind the past […]

Home for the Weekend

After spending the past five days at home for Thanksgiving, celebrating with family and friends, my stomach is very grateful and my suitcase even more so since it’s packed to the brim with food (I kid you not, there’s more food in there than clothes), but above all, my heart is full of love- for […]

Gratitude Heals

On my lengthy journey home from school for Thanksgiving this year, I spent most of that time lost in thought. Thoughts about the semester and how it’s quickly coming to an end, about friendships- old and new and how much each and every one means to me, and about the value of one year’s time. […]

Catching My Breath

This weekend is our Fall Break, which I customarily go home for, but this year, I decided to stay at school and catch my breath- because when life is going at 100mph, you don’t realize how fast it’s going until you stop moving.         After a few hectic weeks of school and work, waking […]

Happiness Is…

With the new school year underway, I figured it’d be a great time to do Round 2 of my “Happiness Is” series.  I realized I haven’t posted in a while, so I compiled a list of things that have made life a little brighter and this semester a little more bearable over these past few […]

Why Wait?

This weekend turned out to be quite the profound one.  It all started Friday evening with Brandon Stanton’s (aka the incredible storyteller/creative mastermind/photographic genius behind HONY) utterly inspirational presentation.  I had no idea what to expect at this talk, but it ended up being one of the most pivotal talks of my college career so […]