Hello and welcome to Well Nourished Journey!


My name is Michelle and I am absolutely delighted that you stopped by for a visit! I wanted to create a space where I could express my passion for health and wellness, and since writing has transformed into such a creative and therapeutic outlet for me, I figured why not start a blog?! And that, is the story of how Well Nourished Journey came to be.


A little bit more about myself- I am currently an undergraduate pursuing a degree in Nutritional Sciences at an Ive League in a quaint town in upstate NY.  Over the years, I have cultivated a greater appreciation for health and wellness and what it truly means to be healthy, a large part of which can be attributed to my struggles with disordered eating. I used to live a life of restriction and fear, constantly struggling to see how damaging my actions were on my physical, mental, and emotional health. However, the newfound sense of appreciation I gained for my body and my health during my recovery shifted my previous idea of what “healthy” meant.


It’s been a few years since that first battle, and I can’t say that I’m fully recovered, but I’ve definitely come a long way from the days where my biggest fear was eating more than the amount of calories that I deemed was acceptable. Nowadays, instead of denying my body the sustenance it so desperately craves, I strive to live a life fueled by natural, nutrient dense and wholesome foods because it makes my body happy, which makes me happy!


Well Nourished Journey is a place where you can expect to find healthy recipes that are not only delicious, but filled with wholesome, nutritious ingredients as well.  Considering how the title of the blog contains the word “journey,” it would only be fitting that travel posts make an appearance on the blog along with many many pictures!  And lastly, I love to write, so you can expect to see my musings on all things health, fitness, confidence, and body positivity too!


Life is an exciting journey filled with surprises, and while I may not know what exactly the future holds, one thing for certain is that I will strive to live a life well nourished.


Feel free to contact me with your comments, thoughts, and questions at: michelle@wellnourishedjourney.com  I would love to hear your feedback!


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