A New Journey

As summer winds down and my incredible NYC internship comes to an end, I find myself embarking on a new journey of sorts. One that’s sure to be filled with its own challenges and stresses, but also extremely rewarding in its own right. That journey I’m referring to is senior year. It seemed so far away […]

Scenes from the Weekend 08.31.15

One of my biggest non-academic goals that I set for myself at the beginning of this semester was to make the most of these next four months while I’m here on campus.  As cheesy as it sounds, there’s nothing worse than focusing so intently on school to realize that four months of your life just whizzed […]

Scenes from the Weekend 08.24.15

Between moving in and Orientation Leader training, it’s been a busy few days since I arrived on campus last week.  Today marks the first day of classes, but I did make sure to take advantage of the glorious weather by squeezing in a couple of fun adventures in the free time that I had!    […]