Photo Diary { Genoa, Italy }

The diversity within Italy itself is reason enough to love it. It’s a country steeped in history and rich in culture and the arts. Not to mention, it’s culinary credentials are out-of-this world. I spent six years in junior high/high school learning Italian, so this country, its culture, and its people all hold a special place […]

Happiness Is… { Boston Edition }

 A few weekends ago, the 4th of July to be exact, I took advantage of the two extra days off we got from work and hopped on a bus to visit some of my best friends from study abroad in Boston. After spending five way-too-short months in Europe together, the separation anxiety was starting to […]


Today marks the beginning of my 5 month study abroad journey in Geneva, Switzerland.  What the semester holds, I am not quite sure yet, but I hope it will be one filled with adventure, spontaneity, delicious food, and new friends.     I can’t quite pinpoint my emotions right now because they’re a mix of things, but […]